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Intercontinental Vedic Sciences & Technology Organization is registered in Seychelles as International Business Company. IVSTO is working in collaboration with network of worldwide Vedic Institutes / Universities for Research, Development, Innovation & Education.

IVSTO – Programs Courses

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Vidyas or Sciences are generally said to be four- fold, viz. –

  1. Trayi – The Triple Veda
  2. Anvikshiki – Logic & Metaphysics
  3. Danda-Niti – Political science
  4. Vartta – Practical Arts like Agriculture, Commerce, Medicine etc.
(per year)
IVSTO-R&DPhD in Vedic Sciences & TechnologyMasters2 years$ 350
IVSTO-001Master in Vedic Sciences & Technology [MVST]Graduate2 Years$ 350
IVSTO-002Bachelor in Vedic Sciences & Technology [BVST]HSC or Equivalent3 years$ 300
IVSTO-003Diploma in Vedic Sciences & Technology [DVST]Any Body 1 year$ 300
IVSTO-004Certificate in Vedic Sciences & Technology [CVST]Any Body6 Months$ 200
IVSTO-005Master in Yoga Sciences [MYSc]Graduate2 Years$ 350
IVSTO-006Bachelor in Yoga Sciences [BYSc]HSC or Equivalent3 years$ 300
IVSTO-007Diploma in Yoga Sciences [DYSc]Any Body1 year$ 300
IVSTO-008Certificate in Yoga Sciences [CYSc]Any Body6 Months$ 200
Email to – vedic.virtualrishikulam@gmail.com